Friday, May 29, 2009

The Journey Begins- Embarkation from Miami

30 May 2009 DC to Miami- I left this morning a bit tired after the send off at Clydes last night. Thanks Angie Goff! It's an absolutely gorgeous day in D.C. On way to Reagan National Airport the air was filled with white wisps from windblown Dandelions. Definitely can smell summer in the air. With my seabag and camoflauge backpack in hand, cabbie asks me where I'm going. I answer Panama (not Costa Rica). He proceeds to tell me that he is from Somalia and that he is a pirate, but a good pirate. A Pirate Cab Driver in D.C. Interesting. I asked him if he heard about the new Pirate movie. He said no. I said it's rated R. Arrr... He doesn't get it. But he did go on to say how he tried to tell his pirate cousins in Somalia not to f#$ with the U.S. Navy. Wise man. They should have listened. Flight is uneventful aside from the stewardess asking me mindless questions about being on TV. Once in Miami Aiport I trekked to the USO lounge and met up with a medical team from all throughout the U.S.A. We proceeded to Homestead Air Force Base. My vanmates are a recent Harvard grad/Spanish major, Navy Corpsman (Hooyah!), Master at Arms Navy Petty Officer, and Physical Therapist from Duke (Go Blue Devils!). The Chief driving the van makes a few wrong turns and bumps the van into the car in front of us at a tollbooth. Thank goodness for rubber bumpers. Harvard linguist got her first diplomatic tasking with this incident. Homestead is not all that bad. Air Force has the best lodging out of all the services. Went for a run in the rain. Plan is for NALO flight to Panama on 31 May for rendezvous with USNS COMFORT. Now to find some food......and figure out how to get into this jet.....


  1. June 1, 2009

    Hi andy..

    Your episode on the Bachelor Officer and a Gentleman is on a delayed telecast here in the Philippines..Although it's already a rerun, my daughter and I still watch it on Tuesday nights..

    We feel very sorry that your relationship with Tessa didn't work out...We aren't updated here in the Philippines,as to what happened with the relationship but by watching the youtube on your interview on tv, we were saddened to know that you and tessa are moving on..without each other..How sad..

    Anyway, we would like to commend you on your charity works and involvement in helping and encouraging children to be active for them to have a better life.

    My daughter is one perfect example of the kind of children you are trying to help..with the advent of computers and hitech gadgets, physical fitness is out of the way.. I try to encourage her to play volleyball every now and then..Hopefully with the opening of the school year (school opens in June here in the Philippines), she would be busy with her school activities and join some sports club..

    Good luck in your advocacies and more power..

    Hope you and Tessa can go back to each other's arms again...You two look so good together..

    vicky and rociela